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    You Do What? - I'm a Taxi Driver
by Red (Richard) Christensen and Tim Muma - Jul, 2014
Has it ever crossed your mind that being a taxi driver might be for you? Depending on where you live, taxis are often a necessity, and it's certainly an interesting profession to be a part of no matter where you work. Tim Muma gets some details from Red Christensen, Vice President of American United Taxi Services, as he speaks about his 40 years of experience in the transportation industry to fill us all in on the required ski...
    Life vs. Work - RelayRides: Peer-to-Peer Model
by Shelby Clark and Tim Muma - Dec, 2012
A growing trend in the world of business plays off the ease of connecting with people across the globe quickly. The philosophy of peer-to-peer matches individuals with needs to individuals with the resources. Shelby Clark, Founder and Chief Community Officer of RelayRides, talks to Tim Muma about the keys to his business' success and how it all works together with Relay Rides and across this new dimension of consumerism. Shelb...
  Is a Truck Driving Job Right for You?
by Randall Olson - Mar, 2008
If you're looking for a high demand career field, like to travel, and find the idea of driving for a living appealing, a truck driving job might be the perfect career choice for you. There are many job opportunities in the truck driving field, particularly for individuals interested over the road driving opportunities. Job prospects are also good for those interested in local haul driving opportunities. Over the Road Truck...
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